I ❤ Lucky Bamboo Plants!

I absolutely truly, madly and deeply adore Bamboo plants! ❤ Whether in glass bottles, jars or earthen pots they are absolutely adorable! I don't use plastic containers or bottles for bamboo plants. If you have any good tips /info / instructions on taking care of lucky bamboo plants then please feel free to share them … Continue reading I ❤ Lucky Bamboo Plants!


Mohenjo Daro : Movie & ‘That’ Song

Thoughts on  Mohenjo Daro : Movie & 'That' Song The antiquity movie Mohenjo Daro has largely received negative views / reviews / ratings here in India (strangely the film did well overseas)! The major critique has come from the usual bunch of leftist brigade of ‘Historians’, Media-cons and ‘Intellectuals’ who are made to believe (probably … Continue reading Mohenjo Daro : Movie & ‘That’ Song