Facebook Sharia and Social Media Censorship

Federal Government Authorizes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to Censor “Anti-Islam” Speech; Lawsuit Filed | American Freedom Law Center

Federal Government Sued for Authorizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to Censor “Anti-Islam” Speech

If sharia law continues spreading, you’ll have less and less freedom of speech – so speak while you can!

I knew it and this is insane, if not annoying!

My experience with Facebook Sharia is that once you post information that is “offensive” peculiarly the ones related to Muslims, Islam,Terror and Terrorists, first the post “disappears” then I’m “asked” for my “password” again!

Then the article disappears without notice and the next time you sign in a rude “advisory” greets you – “For security reasons your account is temporarily locked” now this “temporary lock” lasts sometimes for days or maybe weeks!

Once the account is restored there is no intimation from Facebook let alone an apology!

When you log in back lo and behold your articles/posts on Islam – The Peaceful Religion, Muslims, Islam,Terror and Terrorists are gone!

Also Facebook never responds when I ask them politely – Pray may I know why is my account blocked?

Facebook Sharia is real and annoying hope Mark Elliot Zuckerberg  moves on like Steve Jobs and hands over the baton to someone more sensible with guts!


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