That Friend Request from Pakiland!

Extract of the Facebook “friendship” request I received from a Pakistani!

Please read the words as written!

Myself Haroon now working and not studying.

[ * Ok, whatever. It seems its the reverse out there in Pakiland, first they work and then they study! ]

Now have medeum size flawer shop in Tarnab Market Godha ka Mandi very nice famous place.

[ * Now hold on “flawer” could either mean flower / flour so not sure! Where is this “famous” place anyway? ]

I want to make frandshep with you and hate Endiya but you from Chaina so we can frandshep.

[ * My goodness,I almost threw up reading this and Im sure the Chinese will also! ]

You accept ok panding request make happy with frandshep.

[ * Thanks, but no thanks, Paki! ]

La Hawal Villa Quwwat!

Preventive Action : Frandshep Request marked as spam & Haroon Miya Paki blocked!

PS : Most messages for “frandshep” that I received from Pakiland have grammatical errors and sometimes it’s hard to understand where they get their English skills from and reflects the sub standard education in their country!

Though the general idea is that they simply hate India & they assume China likes them which is not true as most of the Chinese I knew had issues with India but were certainly not fans of Pakistan either!

Also their “request” sounds demanding & not polite or courteous, and in most cases these people actually want you first convert to Islam & accept Allah, are outright disrespectful towards India and its Non Muslims and reveal more about how atrocious they are before the “frandshep” even begins, outright disgusting people!



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