Gandhi, Secularism & Weakening of Dharmic Faiths of India


Most Buddhists reject Gandhi and the Secularism he preached,it will do us no good to get carried away in the myth & weaken us.Secularism like Socialism is a flawed Western concept!

Secularism is damaging when the majority is told not only to shut up but also put up with the nonsense of those who are really not minority but claim themselves to be.

Interestingly the Muslim League of Jinnah &  Muslim’s who fought for East and West Pakistan were greatly benefited by Gandhi’s constant interference were in fact the first to reject Gandhi & dismiss his ideas,Secularism was hogwash for them & that resulted in the communal bloody partition of India in 1947 that witnessed scenes of horror when lakhs of Non Muslim’s perished at the hands of Muslim mobs!

Secularism is the biggest ponzie scheme in India to fool the Hindus ( and the Buddhists,Jains,Sikhs and Folk Religions ), Secularism in India benefits Muslims hugely allowing them Multiple Marriages with no strings attached,Triple talaq,Hajj subsidy,Jihad and uncontrolled production of population!Secularism in India is a rude joke! The Joke is on us!

The Dharmic Faiths of India have been fooled & kept in dark too long under the myth of the blanket of Secularism, its high time to shrug it off before we get swept away in the coming onslaught of Islamic Militarism lead by savages of ISIS,Al Qaida,Boko Haram,Taliban etc etc.


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