Population Explosion! Muslim *efforts* of Nation Building in India!

Shocking Population Jihad: Delhi Maulana Mohd.Sajid Rashidi calls for 4 wives & 40 children to Muslim’s in India, make Hindu’s minority and then capture India- in Broad daylight!

Mohammad Sajid Rashidi  is back with a statement in which he has asked the Muslims to have 40 children to “capture” India

I wonder when on open platforms they say all this- What they are preaching inside their Madarsas and Masjids?

Come One, Come All, esp the Secular-Libtard-Left cronies and Hindus living in denial, pray please enlighten the masses of the country on how to assist the Muslims in their *Nation Building* idea as suggested by their magnificent leader – Mohd.Sajid Rashidi?

Every Muslim in this country whether Liberal or Radical will ( first of all let us understand that there is no such thing as “Liberal Muslim” it’s all hogwash ) follow the above by the book, it’s actually the naïve gullible Hindus who are in denial & the Muslims will have the last laugh!

As if the presence of a large Muslim community here in India ( larger than many Muslim countries ), adding to that Bangladeshi and now Rohingya illegal immigrants, and opposition to UCC, Scrapping of Triple Talaq and Talaq by Social Media and to top it up growing cases of Marriages by Fraud ( Love Jihad ) that the Muslims now openly proclaim!

Now those cons who will say that similar calls were given by Hindu leaders need to get it straight that they need to compare size of Hindu & Muslim families as most Non Muslims now have at the max 2 kids , many have only a single child, as they understand it’s become really expensive to raise children in good quality life, and of course we cannot send our kids to Madarssa for “Talib / Talim”?

Unlike Muslims who can easily divorce & dump their wives ( majority are Non Muslim before their conversion ) and end up paying petty amount, the same does not apply for Non Muslims as “maintenance” per Indian divorce laws is messy & very expensive, and the court tries level best to save the marriage esp when custody of the kids is involved.

I know that after saying all the above many Liberals – Secularists who are in denial will call me communal.

Bring it on!


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