​Hostel Life was / is Awesome!

A short note on my life as a Hostelite!

Of the 20+ years of my student life, 15 ( or more ) were spent living in Hostels across India, thanks mainly to 2 important factor’s that shaped my childhood….

1 – My parents “transferable” monochromatic government job with the Department of Agriculture that ultimately freaked our entire family ( that includes our cousins and relatives ), we changed “quarters” and schools after every year if not 2 years, so by the time I got to know people / language / the do’s and don’ts and made friends with folks around me we had to say goodbye and strangely we never returned back to the same state!

2- My elder sister, a charming, polite ( yet strangely moody ) and headstrong who refused to “baby sit” me and shrieked in horror when my parents initially appealed but later tried to sell her ( hike in pocket money ) the idea of “babysitting” me!

Thankfully, I don’t have an elder brother who knows he might have agreed to “supervise me” or actually maybe end up with me in my hostel room!

Thanks to the above 2 factor’s I was introduced to the “pleasures x pain ” of Hostel life quite early in my life, I was free even before my friends even realized there was “life” beyond the “walls” of their family, tribe, house, town, village or state!

And so from the luxury “Bosconian Cottages” to the privilege of intercom and camera YMCA, hostels become inseparable part of my life.

Life after school / college was only singing,dancing and going nuts over Apache Indian,Passion Fruit ( remember that crazy The Ring Ding Dong Song ) Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, talking about that hot chick who hooked up with the dumbest ridiculous looking bloke in our group or that female who never spoke to anyone but me ( ooh la la ), the stupid mess menu that needed a “priority” overhaul, the good subject / teacher – bad subject / teacher debate, the new movie for 80 rupees or the NCPA event for 800 rupees , the unaffordable new fashion trend that hit the town etc etc

For me, my years as a Hostelite are so far the best and most important chapter’s of life, it is absolutely unforgettable if not awesome to the core!

In fact Hostel life influenced me so much that when I came back home for summer / winter breaks, I felt like a stranger who was completely disconnected / least interested with events back “home”, folks at the hostel were homesick but I being at home was “hostel sick ” and missed my hostel, waiting and praying to the cosmos to end the vacation!

Life in hostel was like no other and I feel that I would have not been what I am today if not for my Hostel upbringing!

I am very  grateful to my parents ( and my sister )  for their faith in me and for me giving an opportunity to discover and chart my own life the way I want helping me develop my independent spirit!

I would love any day to go back to my hostel years 1992-2005!


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