Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Padmavati Film and the Trashing!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali thrashed on Padmavati Sets!  Zor ka Jhatka!

Clowns like Bhansali are really testing patience! Just cos he’s some fancy director he cannot rewrite History!

First he misdirected Baji-Rao Mastani by portraying the Peshwa as a love sick person & now he goes on to outrageously claim that Allahuddin Khilji, a tyrant two-timer was a great statesman!

I fail to understand why Hindus in this country are taking insults very lightly! As they are let off they will grow bolder by the day ultimately claiming that Vedas, Ayurveda, Mantras,Havan, Yoga, Samithas were all brought by Islamists to India!

Mr.Bhansali was “re-slapped” again, this time on Twitter, these Bollywood clowns are taking Hindus & Buddhists for granted!

Can they dare make a movie & show true facts of despotic criminals like Allauddin Khilji & Balban or crazies like Mohammad Bin Tughlaq & Ibrahim Lodi or Love Jihadi like Akbar or a thug like Aurangzeb, no they will never dare but they will misinterpret Hindus & Buddhists, glorify Islamic tyrants, it is through Bollywood that Love Jihad has become a menace in India & Non Muslims are gullible believing the lies and fabrication by Muslims!

Seriously, as a Buddhist, I dare Bhansali to make a third grade crap flick out of any of the Buddhist Emperor’s Ashoka, Kanishka, Bhaskarvarman or Harshavardhana come on try, and then he will get a taste of Buddhist protest!


Ps: I know after reading the above Muslims will abuse me but I don’t care because I know they are rude, impolite and are troublemakers but if the Hindus abuse me I won’t be surprised!

And, the other side of the story that the Libtards, Leftists, Apologists, Islamists and Media-Cons are not talking about!

Padmavati crew threatened us with gunshots: Karni Sena justifies Bhansali attack

Good to know info –

Indian clerics issue fatwa against makers of Muhammad: The Messenger of God

Alauddin Khilji and Padmavati: Just who is afraid of History?

The real Alauddin Khilji is disturbingly different than NDTV’s version of him

Biggest SLAP On Hindu History Distorter Sanjay Leela Bhansali

When Alauddin Khilji begged naked to Rajput – Real Story of Padmavati

Bollywood is an Anti-Hindu lab, Padmavati is the latest experiment


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