Laos withdraws new 1,000 Kip Banknote!

…And the reason is hilarious!

Just received confirmation that, The Bank of the Lao PDR will begin withdrawing ( it already has ) the 1,000-kip (US$0.10) note which it had introduced just this past October.

The reason ( at least according to me)  is hilarious! Read on….

The bank representative stated only that it was done at “the government’s discretion,” because the note depicts THREE ACTUAL PEOPLE ( you mean the 3 gorgeous looking women in their traditional costume’s ) based upon photographs, not an artist’s rendering of representative women.

Apparently this note has been withdrawn from circulation because the three girls pictured are real people and some Lao official was afraid that they could behave in a way that could discredit the National identity. Oooh La La..

For Banknote collector’s like me, the message is – this low-cost note is not likely to become a modern rarity, but you may want to pick one up for your collection while supplies last and prices are low.


Good to know info – Banknotes of Laos



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