Dhulagarh Riots, West Bengal

The Riots of Malda in January 2016 , were a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the Islamists, Dhulagarh is on going and more will soon follow till the Islamists make West Bengal the next Kashmir which will then result in the partition of North East Region ( 8 states ) and the creation of a new Islamic State ‘Sonar Bangal’ comprising of West Bengal and Bangladesh in India’s East, this is Mamata Banerjee’s desire and the aspiration of the Bengali Muslims in Bangladesh and their allies in West Bengal !

Communal clashes have broken out once again in Bengal over attempts by members of one community to demolish a Shiva temple at Dhulagarh, about 28 kilometers west of Kolkata, in Howrah district.

Members of one community have been objecting to the presence of the temple for some weeks now. According to this report, they are reportedly being led by one Gulshan Mullick, a local Trinamool Congress leader. Clashes that broke out between members of two communities have left several Hindus injured, some of them seriously.

The riots started when Muslims brought out a procession complete with loudspeakers blaring Hindi film music on 13 December to celebrate Eid-e-Milad (the birthday of Prophet Mohammed), which actually fell on 12 December and was a public holiday. On 13 December, Hindus at Dhulagarh village, like in the rest of the country, were observing Margashirsha Purnima.

Hindus at the village requested those in the procession to lower the volume of the loudspeaker since the music was interfering with some rituals. This incensed a section of those in the procession and they started attacking Hindu homes and shops.

According to local people, the attackers were non-local Muslims. Hindu houses and shops were looted and then set ablaze while, as this Zee News report says, police who reached the village were attacked by bombs and prevented from stopping the rioters.

Though police have been deployed in the area, Hindus are feeling unsafe because Mullick is sheltering all those who attempted to demolish the mosque and attacked volunteers of Hindu Samhati, an apolitical body.

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Source – Islamists in Bengal TMC are attacking Hindus on regular basis, why Mamata silent now?

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