2016 Demonetization and Impact on Human Trafficking Trade!

What has Demonetization done to 20 trillion Human Trafficking Industry??

This is Face palm to those crying hoarse over Demonetization abusing and mocking PM Narendra Modi but acting as apologists for Rahul Baba, Owaisi, Mamata Mumtaz and Kejribawal and at the same time not minding to stand “patiently” for hours without being fussy in long queues at cash counters of malls offering tacky products through their silly sales gimmick!

Yes, the human trafficking industry which is one of the most horrendous mafia working in India kidnapping innocent little girls, women and use them as sex workers has been come to a grinding halt. This information was revealed by the rescue workers on the ground recently.

According to the study, the girls are kidnapped from all over the country until November every year, and are transported to different places both nationally and internationally using middleman. They are sold to brothels, placement agencies and as child brides. Many times, people who indulge in black magic also buy them through dealers.

These kids once sold to brothels can never come back to normal life, as the impact of the suffering is so intense and they often lose their mental balance and accept their life as prostitutes. Many girls who try to escape are usually killed or they are punished most brutally that it becomes impossible for them to remove the scar from their minds.

But ever since the demonetization was announced on November 8th, the rescue workers have told that the trafficking has been STOPPED COMPLETELY and NOT ONE GIRL HAS BEEN TRAFFICKED!! The rescue workers said that they had never seen this business hit rock bottom any time before.

In Northern India, Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand and in Southern India, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are the places where girls are trafficked the most. All the transaction of selling and buying used to happen through cash and now the employees and mafia heads do not have money to pay to the middleman. These people mostly used 500 and 1000 rupee notes as it was easy, but now there is no liquidity which has hit the business badly.

Rakesh Senger, a child rights activist with Bachpan Bachao Andolan, an NGO said that they found at least 10-15 cases of child trafficking every day, but since a month there is no report of any child trafficking which is most amazing.


Source – Must Read! What has Demonetization done to 20 Trillion Human Trafficking Industry?? and Demonetization Benefits – Human Trafficking Trade comes to a halt


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