2016 Demonetisation and Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants and Islamist’s!

The Bangladesh border, through which the counterfeit notes make their way in, has fallen silent. But security forces don’t expect the lull to last long.

The Border Security Force, which dedicates a large amount of its time to keeping a watch on this illegal trade, is a relieved lot. But they say the business will be up and running again.

“We are looking at a time frame of one month to three months before we make the first seizure of a fresh consignment of fake Indian currency, this time most likely Rs 100 notes,” said a senior BSF officer who did not want to be identified. “That’s our feedback from across the border in Bangladesh.”

Malda sector, in BSF parlance, has a border of 223 km with Bangladesh, of which about 150 km is fenced while the rest is mostly riverine, open border. The shifting sands of the Ganga create charland – raised land as a result of silt deposition – on this non-demarcated border during the winter months, while its gushing waters wipe away the border in the monsoon. The border is said to have 58 outposts and a 2,500-strong contingent of the BSF to man these.


Source – Two crore illegal Bangladeshis living in India: Govt of India and

FICN ( Fake Indian Currency Note ) Racket in West Bengal via Bangladesh hit

and also All Quite at the India-Bangladesh border, West Bengal sector


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