Assam Polls – Case Study

Assam polls as a case study: It’s time to reboot your idea of India

Those who inherited Nehru’s legacy carried the most perverted form of majoritarianism in the garb of a secular discourse. In the 1990s and by the turn of millennium, the Sangh Parivar has turned the same logic on its head.

They have successfully turned majoritarianism with its Hindutva underpinnings as an acceptable political concept. Although there is no denying the fact that this concept is seeded with serious vulnerabilities, it can hardly be challenged by archaic and outdated political idioms.

Those raring to take on the BJP in general and Modi in particular need to “reboot their idea of India and politics” afresh instead of lamenting Hindutva’s brand of majoritarianism.


Source – Assam Polls – Case Study : Reboot the Idea of India!




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