The BJP is Now the Only National Party!

Love it / Hate it, but Con-Gress sympathizers, Islamist apologists, Libtards, Leftist cons live with this – The BJP is Now the Only National Party!

Though the BJP suffered major setbacks in Delhi and Bihar, thanks largely to the misplaced, divisive campaigns Amit Shah and his advisers pursued, the party’s character as India’s only genuinely national party is hard to deny.

The BJP has now come to power in Assam, even if in alliance with important regional players like the Asom Gana Parishad and the Bodo Peoples Front, with an individual vote share comparable to the Congress. In West Bengal, it has doubled its vote share – compared to the 2011 assembly elections – and appears to have polled just about one percentage point less than the Congress there.

Its tally of two in West Bengal and one in Kerala may not look impressive but these seats mark the formal debut of the saffron party in the two state assemblies.

Indeed, by polling nearly 10.7% of the popular vote in Kerala this time, the BJP has not only improved upon its 2011 performance but has also marginally increased its vote share beyond the 10.3% that the ‘Modi wave’ generated in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. This suggests the BJP is emerging organically in the state and not merely as an external imposition.

Tamil Nadu, however, is still inhospitable terrain for the BJP but that is because the state has been so effectively carved up by the two Dravidian parties in the past nearly four decades that ‘national’ parties do not have much of a role except as junior partners.

Victory in Assam could help passage of GST, hope of seats in 2019 from all across India

The results are beyond BJP’s expectations — it has comprehensively won Assam and nearing the majority mark on its own, a first ever seat and over 11 per cent votes in Kerala, as many as half dozen seats and 10 per cent vote share in Bengal and to top it has the comfort of the return of a favourable government in Tamil Nadu.

The results will sweeten Modi government’s second anniversary celebrations, brighten hopes for the passage of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Constitution amendment in the Monsoon session and boost BJP’s preparations for the important Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls due by February 2017.

Most of all, the results are good news for the BJP in the context of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The results not only mark the further shrinking of the Congress footprint across India but also the BJP establishing itself as a pan-India party. With these elections, the BJP entered into some of its non-traditional areas — the northeast and south. It can now hope for additional seats in these areas to compensate for any losses that it might suffer in north India.


Source – The BJP is Now the Only National Party and The BJP is now a Pan-India Party



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