Diwali Baksheesh?

What’s with everyone asking ( actually demanding ) Bak-Sheesh during Diwali?

I mean it’s not that I’m a stingy creep who refuses to share his hard earned taxable wealth with my fellow human beings on God’s beautiful Earth!

Also I understand if the Maid, Garbage Pick Up Guy, Complex Receptionist, That Hunk @ the Complex Intercom, The Complex Security Personal, The Gentleman in the glass cabin with cameras monitoring who’s in and who’s out or who’s screwed, The Gardener, The Canteen Delivery Boy, The Cake Shop John and some hardworking yet low pay ask Bak-Sheesh, I don’t mind giving them….

What I find strange is that the MTNL / BSNL ( I have private broadband and a BSNL Sim that’s as stubborn as my cat ), Postman ( The last time I remember receiving any mail that involved India Post was back in AD 2003 ) and Man Friday of the Local Council ( Who the heck is that guy anyway & what does he do that makes life a little better ) what do these guys want Diwali Bak-Sheesh for, huh?

Bak-Sheesh bak·sheesh\ˈbak-ˌshēsh, bak-ˈ\


: payment (as a tip or bribe) to expedite service

Origin: Persian bakhshīsh, from bakhshīdan to give; akin to Greek phagein to eat, Sanskrit bhajati he allots.

First use: circa 1760

Were you also harassed for Bak-Sheesh?



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