BAN Zakir Naik – Better Late, Than NEVER!

Awesome NEWS – Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation to be banned soon!

Thank  you so much to whoever had the guts and brains to go ahead with this move and finally banning and halting the march of the Love and Land Jihadi Zakir Mullah Naik masquerading as a “Televangelist” and “Muslim Activist” or some blah blah.

Traditional Buddhists have been repeatedly appealing for years to successive governments that ruled from New Delhi for monitoring and a  complete ban on Zakir Naik and his “Islamic Research Foundation”.

These people with bald heads and shaved beards wearing black skull caps have created so much problems for Buddhist pilgrims in our holy sites of Bodhgaya, Sharavasti, Kushinagar, Rajagir, Ajanta and Ellora!

They shout and create racket by yelling “Allah O Akbar” and harass pilgrims especially women, by lying to them and claiming they are “Buddhist tour guide”!

We are also harassed by those affiliated to Owaisi’s AIMIM group that is trying to use Traditional Buddhists against our Hindu brethren!

We had no hope that Secular Con-Gress would do anything to help the Buddhists as it depended on Muslim and Islamism groups for victory, I am thankful to the present Non-Secular Government for this bold step that will save India from turning into another Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria which the Islamists like Zakir Naik are trying to achieve with the help of Pakistan and the enemies of India and its people!

Zakir Naik is the enemy within and must be uprooted from roots!

He must be declared “Persona-Non-Grata” and his Indian citizenship must be terminated!

Thanks again!



Source – Government to declare Zakir Naik’s NGO ‘unlawful’ outfit

Good to know info – Islamic State Module Worked With PFI & Claimed Zakir Naik As Inspiration


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