Mohenjo Daro : Movie & ‘That’ Song

Thoughts on  Mohenjo Daro : Movie & ‘That’ Song

The antiquity movie Mohenjo Daro has largely received negative views / reviews / ratings here in India (strangely the film did well overseas)!

The major critique has come from the usual bunch of leftist brigade of ‘Historians’, Media-cons and ‘Intellectuals’ who are made to believe (probably by ‘pamper policy’ of successive secular and center-left governments that ruled New Delhi) that they are the ‘true’ or the only custodian’s when it comes to giving an opinion on History of India ( and the Indian Subcontinent ).

Some were spa zing that why were ‘fair’ actors used and not ‘dark’ skinned as the ‘Dravidians’ were dark, this group of people continue to babble to this day on the rubbish theory of ‘Aryan Invasion’ that has already been proven as false and a fabrication that was used by British Imperialists to divide the Indian land and people on the basis of race (ultimately they succeeded to divide on religion thanks to Muslims of the Subcontinent, Jinnah’s Muslim League and the Secular Con-Gress ).

There were some who were complaining why were ‘feathers’ and ‘horns’ used in headgear  and why were the actors dancing like ‘tribals’? Whatever!

As a student of History, was looking forward to the movie quite eagerly &  for me though I was expecting an interesting outcome from the movie must say that it was not as per my expectation but it was also not as lame as criticized despite at times I almost felt like I was watching mix scenes of Hollywood flicks like 10,000 BC and Pompeii.

Leaving the negative aside, lets focus on the positive, would like to highlight two interesting points of the movie ( according to me )

The first – the ‘actor’ element (again according to me) who kept the movie living / interesting was not Hrithik Roshan or Ms.Pooja Hegde but Kabir Bedi who played the role of Maham, the Senate ‘Chief’.

And the second was the song dedicated to Indus River aka Sindhu Ma, which I felt was more of a love romantic song rather than a dedication to River Indus in which the Farmer Sarman ( Hrithik Roshan ) expresses his love ( kind of cute ) for the Priest Girl Chaani ( Pooja Hegde ) minus the Bollywood theatrics below are the lines I found interesting (and was able to translate)!

Indian Lyrics:

Chalte chalte kisi dagar mein
Jaise achanak modh aata hai
Yun hi koi ek hi pal mein
Sab kuch piche chhod aata hai

Paas aake bhi kyun moun hai tu
Ye toh keh de meri kaun hai tu

Bolte hai nayan moun hoon main
Apne naino se sun kaun hoon main

English Translation:

Walking on the path
Like a turn appears suddenly
Like this even in a moment
Someone loses her/his everything behind

Why are you silent even after getting close?
Tell me who you are mine

My eyes talk, even though I am silent
Listen through your eyes and you will know who I am

Finally,the Director, Ashutosh Gowariker on his film

“There was nothing about the Indus Valley Civilisation in popular culture other than what was found during the excavations. And that gave me more liberty to create my characters and my story.

For instance, we have seen pictures of an excavated figurine of a man playing drums. That became the inspiration for Sarman, played by Hrithik Roshan.

The figurine of a dancing girl from the site was my inspiration for Chaani, played by Pooja Hegde. I have taken plenty of artistic liberties with the looks of the characters – after all I cannot show nudity for the sake of reality. But I did not take liberties with the architecture, the culture.

You must realise that there is still a lot of speculation about the civilization because we know so little. Scholars are still debating, trying to redevelop the era. There is a lot that is based on hypothesis. But all this is the space for scholarship.

I have only made a film and at no point do I say that it is meant to be a part of academic discourse on the subject.”





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