India and Pakistan! ( Not Again! )

Blue-eyed tea-seller becomes social media sensation in India and Pakistan

Blue-eyed tea seller! Social media sensation, really, give me a break!

The Western Leftist media that is made up of core Islamist apologists always want to show Pakistan in good light or show India in poor light or at best portray that both are the same ( as both were ruled by British Imperialists )

Meanwhile, how much ever ( painfully ) the Indian’s try to shrug off the Pakistan baggage from themselves, they are simply unable to do so, as the same leftist/apologist brigade amongst us keeps harping on India-Pakistan bonhomie, when actually there is none!

Also why?, cos stupid ( western leftist ) media like Guardian continues repeatedly ( annoyingly ) to equate and place India with Pakistan with such stupid stories that end up becoming headlines and lapped up by gullible westerners!

They keep on ‘reminding’ Indian’s throughout generations that Pakistan is a ‘entity’ ( though third grade ) is inseparable from India and its people!

Frankly speaking, majority of Indians ( at least of my 1980s generation don’t want to have to do anything at all with Pakistan, for us though its on our western border, its as distant from us as Papua New Guinea or perhaps more remote, no offence to Papua New Guinea )

Fawad Khan must be laughing with his pants down in his Dubai hotel room!

Ok, now that we are done with discussing the ‘blue’ parts of the Paki tea seller can we please focus on – Pakistan Sponsored Islamic Terrorism in India and its Neighborhood!


Source – Blue-eyed tea-seller becomes social media sensation in India and Pakistan


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